Our Position

The world offers an uncertain scenario with respect to the accelerated contamination and destruction of our environment. The forests, rivers, oceans, and atmosphere are irrationally damaged by our own consumption structure.

With the goal to reduce their costs, companies recur to massifying production, substituting whole ingredients for refined and natural for artificial, without worrying greatly about the impact which such actions may exert on the environment and consumers’ health.

We are now confronting an asphyxiating situation: enormous populations avid for consumption, fierce industrial competition, extremely sophisticated technology, and super-efficient advertising systems which are capable of controlling consumers’ habits and which bring about dramatic and irreversible changes for the global environment.

With its name, BioLand symbolizes a real commitment to work for an earth which is full of life, promote biological and organic agriculture, rescue natural and traditional industrial methods, as well as employ commercial procedures which are cleaner, ecological, and respectful of the health of human beings and their environment. All of this is with the aim to contribute to a more sane and solidary future world.

BioLand is born in 1982. Its industrial plant is located in Costa Rica, in the Tres Rios zone, at the foot of the majestic Carpintera Mountain, with its enormous and lush natural forest which is actually protected by the country.


The creation of this organization was inspired by the beauty of life on our planet, which has to be valued for its dimensions. This initiative has been sustained, from its origins, by the firm vision that modern companies must change with a view to the future.

With this vision, the company is set up with the goal to work within strict ideological limits and ethical frameworks of action. Practices and productive methods which tend to favor the health of the population and the environment are implemented. The entity overcomes the regular parameters of conventional companies, merely lucrative, where the reasons and goals are always profitability equations, although these sometimes pretend to disguise, with a better image, making contributions which in no way are able to repair the damages already made.

In this sense, the company emerges with the idea to revolutionize the conventional industry of food and personal care products.

In the beginning, it was a great challenge, difficult to foresee in terms of results. Thus, a gradual process was designed, planned to supply various stages in accordance with the compliance of the following actions:

-Introduce a renewed and specific quality concept in relation to the real advantages for the consumer.

-Contact producers of raw materials which are healthful and friendly with nature. Establish a support mechanism, offering them guarantees for acquiring, and in some cases financing, their products.

-Substitute those ingredients which are considered harmful or questionable for other products which favor the aspects of human health and its environment.

Parallel to the above actions a plan was established which was directed at the environmental contribution, as a responsible act which was not separate from these industrial methods.

Since then, these objectives have signified a series of industrial changes, based on a transparent and solidary relationship with the consumer, the company maintaining its unavoidable commitment. At the same time, this integral concept of quality goes farther than just proposing a set of hygiene, homogeneity, and sensual complacence norms. In this case, it refers to the integral improvement of life.

At the same time, the necessary information has been offered about avoided topics within the field of the regular education of the contemporary citizen; principally, health care from an integral perspective and the consumption of edifying products for the organism, without negatively impacting the ecosystem.

After years of work, the company gears are spinning and the motivation continues growing. And today, BioLand has shaped a proactive culture which counts on innovative processes and an intense investigative program for the development of new entrepreneurships. In addition, it supports suppliers which are correct with the environment, and which, at the same time, are committed to the wellbeing of the population. It’s like this, as its consumers grow every day and recognize that these products are the best in terms of food and personal care quality.