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Ecological Thought

BioLand is born more than thirty years ago under the primary slogan to respect the environment and its inhabitants to the maximum.

Throughout this time, actions directed at reducing environmental deterioration have been abundant, through more considerate and responsible industrial and commercial procedures.

– Raw Materials

We work to select raw materials which have been produced with the consciousness to impact the environment as little as possible and whose characteristics, at the same time, don’t convert them after their use into an undesirable burden for nature, affecting the life of rivers and oceans.

– Organic Ingredients

Agrochemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers are generally very toxic substances designed to get rid of plagues without greatly considering the collateral effects which they produce. Direct contact with them carries a grave threat to human health and a devastating effect for wildlife. Because of the above, the search for conscientious farmers who are able to certify and offer organic products is our daily priority.

– Water

The water used for the processes is another highly important factor. So, we take care that it is from a sustainable source, in addition to being abundant, and that its use is not detrimental to other human beings in the surrounding ecosystem. In addition, it must be free of bleach and other contaminating chemicals.

– Residues

As for the management of refuse, we have developed a program of active recycling through which we adequately separate and send out all of the produced residues. This involves all the people who collaborate with us, including the neighbors in the community. Also, we encourage the recovery of used cooking oils since when these are thrown into the drains they are a terrible contaminant of river and ocean water. With this oil, which has already served its primary purpose, biodiesel is produced which is taken advantage of in our delivery vehicles. 

With these practices, we hope to awaken consciousness to not produce unnecessary residues, take advantage of and reutilize to the maximum all of the remnants, and, finally, send to recycling the materials without a feasible usable application.

– Respect for Animals

All animal substance contains, to a lesser or greater extent, a share of animal cruelty. In addition, from an ecological point of view, everything which comes from the animal kingdom is much more contaminating, invasive of nature, and less sustainable than that which comes from the vegetable kingdom. In this way, in our activity we don’t use raw materials from animal sources and we educate our collaborators in the advantages of diminishing the use of products from this origin. <Read more>