Botanical Effectiveness

Personal Care

Nature is wise, and each one of the human necessities in the field of hygiene and beauty finds a gentle reciprocation in numerous botanical elements and minerals.

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The hair and the skin are living structures which reflect our physical and animate condition, providing us with a particular and unique identity which distinguishes us. Their proper care has been the object of great interest in all the history of humanity.

The skin is an organ which interacts with the elements of the environment. It functions as a boundary and also as a receptor of distinct substances. In this way, it is valid to consider everything which we put in contact with its surface, from the surrounding atmosphere, cleaning and personal care products, even the type of clothing which we use.

The contact with nature may be very sophisticated and become sublime through beauty formulas which are pure and free of industrial contaminants. Our skin reacts in a positive way when it is touched by such extracts, oils, emollients, and natural compounds from organic cultivation which interact to benefit our epithelial cells.

On their side, the hair and the nails, even though they are less sensitive, their proper treatment and the avoidance of chemical and irritating substances will allow their development and appearance to notably improve.  


Personal Care and Ecology

Not only does our body suffer the risk of facing inadequate chemical substances present in personal care products. Our environment will be the final recipient of these which, multiplied by millions of users, represent severe damage for rivers and oceans with their delicate and sensitive ecosystems. In such a way, it becomes a priority to identity all those cosmetic ingredients which cause potential damage to the environment and eliminate them from any formula.

There are hundreds of raw materials of animal origin which are actually utilized in the cosmetics industry. Generally, the value of these is not as elevated as those of vegetable origin. And from there, the fact that they are so frequently found in all kinds of personal care products. Synthetic products, like those which come from tallows and animal derivatives, usually produce an ephemeral healthy appearance and immediate effects of shine and humidification which in no way helps to eradicate the true problems which may underlay in the tissues. The ingredients of botanical and organic origin, instead, possess similar structures to those of the skin and the hair, promoting a deep healing and repair while at the same time restoring their original characteristics of vigor and elasticity.


Animal Cruelty

We are conscious that each year a great number of live animals are subjected to very painful tests and experiments in order to determine the safety of cosmetic products for personal cleanliness and cleaning. For a long time, and thanks to the nature of our production, which is free of heavy chemical and synthetic substances, we have had the possibility to utilize methods which validate a high quality and a totally safe and effective use of our personal care products, free of all animal compounds or interaction.